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Get 4 3D virtual Desktops with shock4way3D

Hello Friends,

Today I m revealing a secret of my hostel life of engineering here.... 

In my hostel.... everyone thought about me...."she is a movie lover, all d time u can find her in front of her PC watching movie...." but in actual i used to access internet all the time..But No one could know about it.... Thanks To Shock4way 3D

In my hostel, there was no internet facility, but I was using internet connection Secretly 
When anyone knocked my door, I just press ctrl + Alt + 2.... and a new dektop would opened on my PC, on which a movie would be playing.... 

I had no need  to close my browser or my internet connection.... Coz shock4way 3D, provides 3 more virtual desktop another than one main desktop screen, which are ordered as faces of a cube. You can do different different work on different desktops 1-4, and no one can know that there are 3 more desktops, and anything is running on those desktops also.....

Shock4way 3D is very easy to use..... and it requires no installation.... 
just run the exe, and you will get an icon on desktop icon bar.....
Just press 
ctrl + Alt + 1 - for first screen
ctrl + Alt + 2 - for 2nd screen
ctrl + Alt + 3 - for 3rd screen
ctrl + Alt + 4 - for 4th screen

There is also a screen manager by which you can manage programs running on 1-4 desktops.....
Simply drag and drop open programs from one screen to another....

Watch movie and have a closer look at shock4way 3D....

Download Shock4way 3D

You can Put exe of Shock4way 3D in startup if you want to run it always when you restartyour PC.

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  1. clever fox


  3. ooops... 3 min??? it might be due to some prob in ur system... In my PC it takes only 2 seconds :)

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