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How to Bind virus/ bat files with any File

Usually to bind virus files with another files like image or softwares we use binder.  

A binder is basically a small program which is used to bind a virus(such as a keylogger,etc) to another program making it undetechtable and to fool users into thinking its something else. for ex. If someone attach a virus with an exe file say photoshop.exe, then a victim will click on photoshop.exe and it will install photoshop as well as virus secretly.

Though there are many binders available on internet but some days before i found a small and trustworthy binder named 'Rapid Binder'. It is a very small software and also very easy to use.

How to use 'Rapid Binder'
1. First download this binder and run it.
Download Now
2. Now browse files in it which you want to bind by right click> Add File

3. After step 2, again right click> press bind them to bind the selected files :)

Note: using this software the binded file will always have .exe extension. So it will be gud in that case if you bind virus with an exe of software.

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