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Undo accidentally closed tab in firefox and chrome

Have you ever been surfing the web with the chrome or Firefox web browser and Accidentally closed an important tab before you done with it.... and thought that its gone forever or u do try to get it from history....

Today i m gonna give you a small but useful tip for Undo accidentally closed tab in firefox or chrome....

well, its very much simple to access the closed tabs...

1. Using keyboard shortcuts:
just press ctrl + shift + T on your keyboard to open last closed tab....

Like this you can open all the recently closed tabs.... for that repeat  pressing ctrl + shift + T and all your closed tab will open one by one in manner last closed first open ;)

2. Using right Click option:
 you can also undo closed tabs by right click on any tab> reopen closed tab(for chrome)/ Undo close tab(for firefox)


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Written by:Surbhi

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  1. post some interesting things's known by all :P

  2. @Dinesh... It might be not an interesting article but many people dont know these types of tips..thats why its here. :)

  3. Also u can comment on those article u like, so that i can know ur interest, and then i can post much on those topics.

  4. i didn't know this... so its for me... :) thanks

  5. Good work Surbhi... keep it up...

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