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How to make Keylogger(Project Neptune)

From long time i was getting request to write about keyloggers, but i was busy with studies (lying ;)) thats why could not write...
well, now i am here going to write about keyloggers, what they are, how to make your own keylogger(Project Neptune)

What is a keylogger
To know it please check my post 'Terms that Hackers and Crackers Use : Beginner Hacking Guide'

How to make your own keylogger
Well, there are many ways by those you can create a keylogger, but as its my first post here about keyloggers so i am going to write about easiest way.
Project Neptune is an application by that you can make a keylogger easily, It can sends key logs by ftp server or by email, it also sends the computer name, Operating system information, Key of OS, memory information etc. of infected system.

Lets start the guide: How to use it.
1) first you need to download this application, you can download it from its website, but currently its under maintenance, so i have uploaded it on megaupload, you can download from there.
Project Neptune 1.4
Project Neptune 1.45

2) I am giving tut about Neptune 1.4 only, but you can use 1.45 also, it is a updated version that sends screenshot also.

After downloading, Extract the .rar file, open the project's folder, click on project Neptune v1.4, Now it will show a window like shown below, Do whatever mentioned in screen shot.
Note: i am giving tut for getting logs by mail(gmail here), but you can use other also, or can use ftp server also.

3) Now go to 'Server Creation' tab and press 'Generate new server' under 'server creation', and give name of your keylogger and thats it.. you are done :)

Other Options:
4) Make it self destructive :In tab Extra options, you can check 'self destruct on ', if you want that it should be remove after any particular date.

5) Add Icon: You can also add any icon to the final keylogger file, for that go to 'Server Creation' tab and select 'Use file icon' under 'server settings' and select any icon file.

6) Binding: You can bind it with any other file also, for that press the file binder button, a window will open(as shown in screen shot)then right click and select 'add file' and then select anything for ex. any software, movie, video, song etc. with which  you wanna bind it. 
    5.1) After selecting the binding file, dont close this window, and go to step 3. 

7) Sreenshots: (only available in naptune 1.45) Go to Extra options, check 'send screen shots' under 'Screenshots'

Note: Hacking is a crime. Dont use this tutorial to hack innocent people. I am teaching it for educational purpose only. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.

If you want more hacking tutorials, check out other posts under category Hacking.

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18 comments for this post

  1. hi surbhi .. i was chcking ur post to create a phising page for facebook , but i dont know wht url do i have to send ..
    is there any other way to know the password ... i really need ur hlp ..please . u are my last hope .....Pleeeaaassseeee ..

  2. @Saurabh, u may send link my mail or by chat..
    other than phishing n keyloggers there are many other methods that can be little bit hard for beginners.... for now i will just suggest you to try these methods only, and if u want to know other methods than ofcourse u need to wait for my posts.

  3. @surbhi . thank you so much . i only want to know d password of a facebook id .. i dont know how to do this . and i m nt at all techi . koi idea do na plz . make some kind of cracker for me or shud i send you the facebook pro. link directly to you . plz give me your mailing ID . plz plz plz

  4. me email :

    plz helpppppppp

  5. @Saurabh... sorry i cant help u in this matter, i dont hack anybody's account like this, Doing so would be against my principles. Sorry.
    well, if u want, u can do it by self simply by using the procedures i hv already mentioned.

  6. its okk .i respect ur principles .. but plz make a link for me so that i an send to the email address . as u told in ur post , but i dint find wht URL do i have to snd .. i have done evrything . only two issues ..
    1. after uploading index.html .. i ve clicked it my system downloaded it . but it was a vry destructive type of face book home page .2 nd . i cant find any URL to snd .. or u can also teach me any other simple way ... plz

  7. @saurabh.... pz dont mind but there is no such software for cracking email accounts and such kind of stuff.
    You can use keyloggers, phishing, session hijacking, or can also use RATs (Remote Access Tools).

  8. hey surbhi...whenever i click on generate new server, it says to write the name of .exe file and when i enter the name and click ok, it says method not found...plzz tell me what to do???

  9. i m not getting any link 2 download the exe file .. only a error when ever i try 2 run the file ..plz help

  10. @Saurabh, can you plz specify a bit, you r getting prob in downloading or running exe? and what error u r getting?

  11. i can dnload it , but when i try to run that EXE file it is giving me ..

    The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).Click on OK to terminate the application.

    GD EVE

  13. @surbhi: downloaded neptune 1.45
    created d server..but when i execcute on mah own laptop,the binded file opened as such but an error came just after 1 second that the logger(NAME APPEARED) has stopped working..what could be the reason for that?? the binded file works as such..

  14. @surbhi: the file is not getting pumped up and the icon is also not appearing on the newly generated server.. when i do not bind d file with any other file,then also it does nto work and gives d same error that it has stopped antivirus(norton) is already DISabLED..

  15. everything set..only d icon is not getting set on d server file..

    and i want to ask u something..that i pumpled d file but when i created it's rar file, that rar file was of the original size as d server..does d rar file not represent d pumped up size?? O_O

  16. hum server ke saath exe file ke siwa aur koi file ni bind kar sakte?? jab main uske saath koi aur file bhi bind karta hun toh uski extension by default hamesha .exe hi aati hai.. aur icon ni appear hota server pe.. ye 2 probz hain..pls provide me wid d solution ASAP..!!

  17. hi Surbhi, I am unable to find any post related to "Crypter"... in hacking section. So i am putting my query under comments in this post. Hope you wont mind.

    I just want to request you that if you know how to make Crypter then please write a tutorial article on "making our own crypter" this can be in any programming language, it wont matter(I have searched it out all over the internet and underground forums but couldn't find any good tutorial).

    I urgently need a FUD Crypter for my file, but I am unable to find any free public crypter which remains Undetectable for long... or which is free from viruses...
    Also I cant pay for private crypter, so could you suggest any good method for crypting the files.

    I would also like to suggest you that plz make a seperate page where your fans can put their those queries which aren't related to any of the matching posts of yours.

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