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How to Switch Back to Old Facebook

From the day when google announced about Google+, Facebook is changing continuesly its features and layout to make it similar to Google+. Before today these changes were some small, not that much hard to grasp, but today it has changed a lot which is really complicated and annoying for many ones. 

Many Big changes includes:
1. Twitter-like  “Ticker” feature added to the right  side of the page.
2. NewsFeed now works in a way that puts all “your news in a single stream with the most interesting stories featured at the top.”
3. Change in Friend list by adding lists/categories in order to make it like Google+'s circles. 

Note:This trick is not more working. I must say Facebook is really very fast.

How to Switch back to old Facebook?
For the time being you can switch back to old facebook just by changing its language to English UK. I know thats not a good solution, but thats only the way to do this. 
To change language do the following: 
Press Down arrow after Home > Account settings > Edit language > change it to English(UK)

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