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7 tools to Bypass/crack/ Reset Windows 7, XP, vista password

In Response to query asked by Mahesh Bhupathi...

7 tools to Bypass/crack/ Reset Windows 7 password, is a frequently asked question over the web. If you forgot your Windows 7 administrator password, then you can not login into ur system and cant reset its password if you dont have a windows password reset disk. 
Here i am mentioning about some windows password recovery tools that can help you recovering ur lost windows password. 

1. Windows Password Breaker:
Windows Password Breaker is the most popular commercial Windows password recovery tool. It helps you create a bootable password reset CD/DVD or USB flash driver to reset forgotten Windows administrator and other user accounts password for Windows 7 under DOS. This tool is not free. I am giving only the link of trial version.
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2. Ophcrack:(Free)
Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables.  It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms. It use Brute-force module for simple passwords. works with Windows 7, XP and Vista. Any password with less than 14 characters and having any combination of numbers, letters, capital letters can be cracked easily. Like Windows password Breaker, you boot to a burned CD created with Ophcrack live cd.
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3. Windows Password Unlocker:
 Similar to Windows Password Breaker, it is allows you to instantly crack Windows 7 password but except this it enables you to reset password under Win PE instead of DOS.  In this you need to burn a bootable password recovery CD/DVD/USB flash drive.
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4. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor:(Free)
This tool erases your Windows password instead of recovering it. Same as above three tools this also require a bootable cd. It works with windows 7, vista, XP.
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5. PC Login Now:(Free)
It works same as Offline NT Password and recovery Editor, it deletes the current passowrd and enable you to login without any password. Works with windows 7, Vista, XP.
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6. Kon-Boot:(Free)
Works same as above two mentioned. Works for windows and linux too.
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7. Cain & Abel:(Free)
Its concept is similar to ophcrack but it needs to access an administrator account to crack password of any other account on a system.
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Note: I will write one by one detail description of these tools in other posts. you can subscribe for getting updates by email from here.


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  1. I am always using password recovery bundle ( ), it's also a good option.

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