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Big Security Flaw in Google Chrome16

Recently released Google chrome16 is better known for its new feature to add multiple user profiles into one browser, which let you use a different web browser window for different user on a single computer. But there is a flaw that reduces usability of this feature. It does not let you keep secure your profile data from another users of your system. Not only this I have heard about some more issues as well with Chrome16. 

Read about all issues here:
1. Security flaw:

  •  In chrome16 anyone can easily switch to some one else's chrome profile and can access all the private information such as passwords, history,bookmarks. So it is not secure when a computer is shared between multiple users. 
  • All users have permission to delete any other user's profile. so you will lost all your data if someone deletes your profile. yeah synchronization is a way to get back your data, but still i will count this problem as a flaw. 

2.Performance flaws: 
I dont know, many of you are facing problems stated below, but you can find many users on web stating these problems. 

  • For some users flash is not working properly.
  • Anti aliasing text/ jagged text
  • history sync. problem

So For now it is better to use chrome15 other than chrome16, and you can also add multiple profiles manually in older versions, so be with chrome15 until google releases a new version of chrome with no issues of such kind.

Also Check: How to create user profiles in old chrome which can be more secure than Chrome16.

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