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Trick to create multiple user profiles in Old Chrome(More secure than Chrome 16)

Google has recently featured Multiple user profiles in Chrome16, but it has some flaws, bugs and security fixes. 
Important about this post is:
1. You can get Multiple profile features on your old chrome too,so you dont have need to install Chrome16.
2. As i already told that Chrome16 has some performance flaws, so using ur old version you can keep away from them too.
3. last and most important one is:  using this way you can solve the security flaw found in chrome16 as well. 

To know issues that Chrome16 have, check here.
To know what is Multiple User Profile feature,  how it works on Chrome16, check here.

How to get multiple user Profiles in old chrome:
For Windows:
  1. Create a new folder somewhere to store New user profile's data. For example, you can create a folder in C: named "chromework" so path to this folder will be c:\chromework.
  2. Now copy the shortcut of your chrome somewhere. you can do it by right-clicking the Google Chrome desktop icon > Copy > then Paste it any where.  and then Give the copy a separate name (you can name it on the person who gonna use it.).
  3. Right-click the new shortcut and select Properties > In the Target field, take your cursor in and of target path, then leave a space, then add --user-data-dir=[your new directory name] in the end.
  4. Now your Profile is ready. You can make as much profiles as you want through this procedure, and can keep secure your passwords, history, bookmarks etc. from other users.
For Mac:
  1. Open AppleScript Script Editor (either in Applications/Utilities or Applications/AppleScript)
  2. Enter this: do shell script "/Applications/Google\\\\ Chrome --user-data-dir=/Users/$USER/Library/Application\\ Support/Google/ChromePersonal > /dev/null 2>&1 &"
  3. If you did not install Google Chrome in the default location, modify the script as appropriate.
  4. Save the script in your Applications directory with the file format Application.
  5. Close the Script Editor and find your newly created application and run it. Running this application will open another Google Chrome instance pointing to your new profile.

Trick to sort out the security flaw of Chrome16 using this manual user profile creation way:
Now as you are done with creation of your new user profile/ new chrome. Now you need to keep secure your chrome from another users, so for that you can simple hide it some where, so that no one as found it ;) or if you want to keep it on desktop, then you can lock it or hide it. Unfortunately there is no way to keep password protect a shortcut, but you can keep your chrome's shortcut in any folder and then make it password secure. you will get many softwares to do so. :)
some guides to keep secure your folder:

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